As MSc Computer Science student, I enjoy forward thinking ahead in my field of expertise and keeping abreast of new developments and trends. While trying to ignore much of the ordinary “buzz,” my main goal is to discover things that make my life and the life of others better. Being responsible for envisioning, planning and implementing the Athene2 Learning Open Source CMS, powering the website that serves over half a million pageviews per month, as well as its predecessor, I gathered skills in the fields of NGO & IT administration, team and open source management,product development, developer operations and countless others. As an active developer and contributor to various Open Source projects, I learned much about good software design, coordinating development teams and working with anonymous developers from around the world. Together with Simon Köhl, I founded the German non profit NGO Global Society for Open Education (Gesellschaft für freie Bildung e.V.) which has been supported by Google, Intel, SAP, the European Union, Wikimedia Germany, numerous regional foundations and is currently supported 50 active voluntaries. I had the honor to serve the GSfOE as Acting Director and shape the future of this exciting enterprise with my role as a chairman. In 2015 Thomas Aidan Curran, Simon Köhl and I founded a business called Ory GmbH, focusing on cloud native products and services. Check out our first open source product Hydra.

My alter ego is a passionate musician. I began playing my first instrument at age five. After being on stage in various constellations, I have settled messing around with sound in my home studio. Together with my best friends I founded Eisbach Callin', a monthly party in Munich. Over the past 6 years, Eisbach Callin' has been one of the go-to parties for the underground electronic music scene in Munich. Some months ago we threw a party for 8000 people, leaving behind many professional entertainmant promoters.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn.